How Can You Earn Rewards On Hubble Money App?

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May 11, 2023

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How Can You Earn Rewards On Hubble Money App?

Hubble Money app is a unique spending account that allows users to earn money in a variety of ways. Whether you're looking to grow your money or earn some extra cash or get a redefined spending experience, there are plenty of options available on the Hubble Money spending account

Earn Daily Rewards on Hubble Money App

One of the most popular ways to earn on Hubble 2.0 is by simply keeping your money on the platform. By depositing funds into your account, you'll earn daily rewards of 0.1%. This doesn’t sound interesting, right? But, in 100 days, it will add up to 10%. That means you earn more than your regular savings account and FD. 

Participate in daily challenges & earn Boosters on Hubble App

Another way to earn on Hubble 2.0 is by taking part in Hubble’s daily challenges like predict & win, guess the brand, guess the song, etc. By completing these challenges, you'll unlock special "Boosters" that can help you earn even more money. For example, some Boosters may add up to a Rs 200  bonus to your earnings once you complete the challenge or win the game. 

Pay 10% less on brands you love to spend on

Another great way to earn on Hubble 2.0 is by spending less on brands you love. The 10%  earnings that you get in 100 days, you can spend on the Hubble app to generate virtual payment vouchers for a wide range of popular brands, and you can save money on everything from clothing to electronics.

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In conclusion, Hubble Money is a first-of-its-kind platform that offers 10X faster earnings than your savings account. Whether you're looking to grow your money, earn extra cash, or spend money on your favorite brands, there's something for everyone on Hubble Money. So, if you're looking for a new way to earn money, give Hubble Money a try today!

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