Chai to Latte: How Social Media is Stirring Up India’s Coffee Culture

The humble coffee bean is enjoying a renaissance, with social media brewing a revolution in India's coffee trends. Who would have thought that the once traditional chai nation would be gripped by the coffee craze?

The Rise of the Coffee Culture

Over the past decade, India has seen a dramatic shift in its beverage consumption. This is the land where tea, or 'chai', has traditionally been the go-to drink. But coffee, once considered an urban elite's indulgence, has been percolating into the mainstream.

The seeds of this transformation were sown by the rise of café culture, led by brands like Café Coffee Day and Starbucks. But the real caffeine hit came from an unlikely source - social media.

Social Media: The New Coffee House

Social media platforms, especially Instagram and TikTok, have been at the forefront of this coffee revolution. The platforms have become a hub for budding baristas, coffee connoisseurs, and even the casual coffee drinker to share their experiences and preferences. The visual nature of these platforms has made coffee more than just a beverage – it’s now an art form, a lifestyle, and a statement.

The Dalgona Wave

Remember the frothy, whipped coffee that took over our Instagram feeds during the lockdown? That was Dalgona coffee, a trend that started in South Korea and took the world by storm. This simple, home-made coffee became a global sensation overnight. Suddenly, everyone was a barista, sharing their Dalgona creations and hacks. This trend not only familiarized Indians with a new kind of coffee but also highlighted how social media can influence food and beverage trends.

Coffee Influencers

Social media influencers have played a crucial role in India’s growing love for coffee. From sharing their favourite brews and cafés to making coffee at home, these influencers have made coffee accessible and desirable. They have also helped break down the complexity of the coffee world, making it less intimidating for newbies.

Moreover, these influencers are also promoting local coffee. The focus is now on 'bean to cup', emphasizing the quality and source of coffee beans.

The Impact on the Coffee Industry

The coffee industry in India has also leveraged this trend. Brands are now engaging with consumers directly on social media, showcasing their unique blends, brewing methods, and even hosting virtual coffee tasting sessions. Small, artisanal coffee producers are gaining recognition and seeing their products shared across platforms.

The rise in coffee consumption has also impacted coffee cultivation. Farmers are now investing in high-quality Arabica beans, driven by the demand for better-tasting coffee.

Coffee and Sustainability

With the rise of conscious consumption, discussions around sustainability are brewing in the coffee world. Influencers and brands are highlighting the importance of fair trade practices, organic cultivation methods, and eco-friendly packaging. This has led to a rise in demand for sustainable coffee brands, driving the industry towards more responsible practices.

The Future of Coffee

The influence of social media on coffee trends in India is clear. It has reshaped not only how we consume coffee but also how we perceive it. As consumers become more knowledgeable and discerning, the coffee industry will need to adapt, innovate, and sustain this engagement on social media platforms.

So, will India continue to embrace its new-found coffee culture? Will chai ever be dethroned? Only time will tell. But one thing is certain: the aroma of coffee, fueled by social media, is here to stay.


Social media has indeed brewed a coffee revolution in India. As we sip our lattes, espressos, or the humble filter coffee, it’s intriguing to see how a simple beverage has been transformed into a lifestyle trend, all thanks to the power of the digital world.

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