Is Retail Therapy Really Therapeutic?

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March 27, 2023

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Is Retail Therapy Really Therapeutic?

You had a tough day at work, or you’re feeling stressed about something in your personal life, so you decide to treat yourself with new shoes or outfits or a nice dinner out. Relatable enough? We all know the feeling.

There’s a logic behind it 🧠

We often feel overwhelmed with our emotions when we sense helplessness and loss of control over important life events. This therapy gives us a sense of control over our decisions and hence, relaxes our minds & body.

According to a survey conducted in 2020, around 43% of Individuals have felt less stressed after buying from their go-to shopping destination.

But, retail therapy also has its limits 🔴

Once the end results change from feeling comfortable to regretting your spending decisions, the magic stops.

For instance, if you went on a shopping spree and later regret the purchases, the sense of control vanishes. You might end up with increased debt, items you don’t need, and stress over your inability to control buying urges.

So, how can you stop yourself from unnecessary, potentially regrettable purchases? 🛍️

💸 To start with, you can set aside a small chunk of your income as a shopping budget and stick to that limit every month.

🛒 Experiment with the 30-day rule. Add the products you like to the wishlist for a 30-day period. Revisit your wishlist after this period and analyze if you still need those products. If yes, go ahead and purchase the products. And, if you don’t feel the need, you will save a good amount of money.

🔫Understand the emotions that might trigger you to shop beyond your means and find alternative ways to reduce stress such as journaling, traveling, watching your favorite series, or counseling.

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