How are online beauty stores handling returns and exchanges?

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May 23, 2023

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How are online beauty stores handling returns and exchanges?

Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder: Returns and Exchanges in the Online Cosmetic Marketplace

Unboxing an online beauty purchase can be a moment of joy... until you realize the shade isn't right or your skin just says 'no'. So, how are India's online beauty retailers handling the tricky territory of returns and exchanges? Let's dive in.

The Make-up of Return Policies

Let's start by understanding the return policies in place. While every online beauty store has its unique terms, we can identify some common threads. The product should be unused, unopened, and in its original packaging. If you've swatched that lipstick or uncapped the mascara, chances are you can't return it.

This is primarily because cosmetics are personal care items. Once opened, they're exposed to bacteria and can't be resold, both for hygienic reasons and regulatory compliance. Companies like Nykaa and Purplle make it clear in their return policies - no returns on used or opened products.

Swatch Out: The Challenge of Choosing Right

The crux of the problem lies in making the right choice when buying beauty products online. With physical stores, you could swatch a product, see how it looks under different lights, and even get feedback from sales assistants. Online? Not so much.

To tackle this, some online beauty stores have introduced virtual try-on features. Myntra's 'Makeup Pro' and Nykaa's 'Virtual Try-On' are designed to help you see how the products will look on you. They're not perfect, but they're definitely a step towards reducing the need for returns.

The Cost of Change: Exchanges and Refunds

So, what happens when you want to exchange a product? Most online beauty stores do allow exchanges for different shades or variants, provided the product is in its original condition. However, it's not always a straightforward process.

Some companies offer only store credit instead of a refund, which can be frustrating for consumers who want their money back. The cost of return shipping is another issue. While some retailers like Sugar Cosmetics cover the return shipping cost, others might deduct it from your refund.

Green Returns: The Environmental Impact

There's another dimension to returns and exchanges that's often overlooked – the environmental impact. Returned products contribute to waste, and the transportation involved adds to the carbon footprint. Forward-thinking companies are now considering this in their return policies. They are striving to strike a balance between customer satisfaction and sustainable practices.

For instance, Plum, an eco-conscious beauty brand, emphasizes minimal returns due to environmental reasons. They encourage customers to make careful choices and offer detailed product descriptions and shade guides to help them.

Beauty and the Tech: AI in the Picture

To further mitigate the need for returns, many companies are turning to tech. AI-powered tools can provide personalized recommendations based on your skin type, preferences, and past purchases. They can even predict how a particular shade will look on your skin tone.

Technology, like ModiFace used by Sephora, is shaping the future of online beauty shopping. These advancements aim to increase customer satisfaction, reduce returns, and make online shopping as tactile and personal as an in-store experience.

Conclusion: The Future of Returns

The world of online beauty returns is evolving. Companies are striving to balance customer satisfaction with business sustainability. As consumers, we can contribute by making informed decisions, using virtual try-on tools, and understanding the implications of our return habits.

If you found this article insightful, do share it with your fellow online beauty shoppers. Together, we can make our shopping habits more sustainable and enjoyable.

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