How are eyewear brands ensuring accessibility and inclusivity in their products?

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September 27, 2023

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Breaking Barriers: The Vision of Inclusivity in the Eyewear Industry

While eyewear may seem like a simple accessory, for a vast majority it’s a necessity. But how are the eyewear companies ensuring that everyone, regardless of their physical, economic, or geographical barriers can have access to this necessity? Let’s find out.

The Lens of Inclusivity

Eyewear has always been a blend of necessity and fashion. People need glasses to correct vision, but they also want them to look good. But what happens when this blend doesn't cater to everyone? It becomes a case of 'one size doesn't fit all'. This is where inclusivity comes in, shaping the product design and strategy to ensure that everyone, regardless of their physical or economic condition, can access and use eyewear comfortably.

Putting Accessibility in the Frame

A significant aspect of inclusivity is accessibility. Eyewear brands are continually striving to make their products easily accessible to all consumers, irrespective of their location or economic status. Thanks to the digital revolution, many eyewear brands are now present online, enabling people from the remotest corners of India to browse through a plethora of styles and make a purchase.

Take Lenskart, for example. They have a robust online presence and offer a 'home try-on' service where you can select five frames to try at home for free. It helps those who can't easily travel to a physical store or who are unsure about choosing the right pair of glasses online.

Affordability: A Clear Focus

Another aspect of accessibility is affordability. Many eyewear brands are working towards making their products affordable without compromising on quality. Companies are now offering eyeglasses at a variety of price points, from the budget-friendly to the more luxury-focused, thus catering to a wider audience.

Companies like Titan Eyeplus and Lenskart have frames that start at a relatively low price, making it affordable for the larger population. They also offer EMI options, allowing consumers to pay in installments, thus reducing the financial burden.

A Vision for All: Catering to Diverse Needs

Inclusivity also means catering to the diverse needs of consumers. Not everyone has the same facial features, and thus, not every pair of glasses will fit everyone perfectly. Recognising this, brands are designing eyewear that caters to different facial structures, ensuring comfort and proper fit.

Brands like Specsmakers offer a range of frames designed for different face shapes and sizes. They also provide frames for kids, recognising that younger consumers often struggle to find frames that fit them well.

The Sight of Sustainability

In a world increasingly conscious of the environment, many eyewear brands are focusing on sustainability. Brands are creating frames from recycled materials, ensuring that their products are not just accessible and inclusive, but also eco-friendly.

Peep Eyewear, an international brand with a presence in India, creates vintage and sustainable eyewear. They utilise recycled and reclaimed frames, reducing the demand for new plastic production.

The Future is Bright

The eyewear industry's efforts towards inclusivity and accessibility are commendable, but there's always room for improvement. As we move forward, we hope to see more initiatives that cater to the diverse needs of consumers, making eyewear truly accessible and inclusive for everyone.

If you found this article enlightening, why not share it with your friends? Let’s spread the word about the inclusive practices in the eyewear industry.

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