How are clothing brands dealing with the issue of size standardization?

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September 27, 2023

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The Great Indian Size Conundrum: How Clothing Brands are Tackling the Standardization Dilemma

Are you a medium, large, or extra large? Or perhaps, you're a 10, 12, or 14? Confused? Welcome to the chaotic world of clothing sizes. Today, let's unfold how brands are trying to untangle this convoluted web of clothing size standardization.

The Introduction: The Size Quandary

Have you ever walked into a clothing store, tried your usual size, and found it's either too snug or too loose? Or have you, in your online shopping expeditions, ordered a size 'M', only to realize that the brand's 'M' is actually a 'L'? We've all been there, and the underlying problem? Size standardization, or rather the lack thereof.

The Fit Struggle Is Real

The fit of the garment is crucial. It's what determines whether a clothing item finds its way to your wardrobe or stays behind in the shop. But achieving the perfect fit is a struggle that resonates with most shoppers due to the lack of a universal sizing standard.

This inconsistency arises from the diversity in body shapes and sizes, which is even more pronounced in a country like India with its rich cultural and genetic diversity. The absence of a unified standard leaves clothing brands with the difficult task of creating their own size charts, leading to a frustrating game of guessing and returns for the consumers.

Brands’ Approach to Size Standardization

While some brands opt for western sizing standards, others try to adapt these to the Indian physique. There are also those that have undertaken their own sizing surveys to develop a fit that best caters to their customer base. But this individualistic approach has only added to the confusion.

The solution? A country-specific size chart. And the industry has started acknowledging this. Brands have begun investing in size surveys, studying the Indian physique, understanding the demographics and body types specific to different regions. They aim to devise a standard chart that caters to the vast Indian population.

The Role of Technology

The age of AI and digital innovation has provided a unique solution to the size issue. Many brands have integrated size recommendation engines into their platforms that use machine learning algorithms to suggest the most suitable size for consumers based on their past purchases and returns.

Moreover, the advent of virtual fitting rooms, 3D body scanners, and fit prediction tools are all attempts at making the sizing conundrum less daunting. Brands are using these technologies not just for customer satisfaction but also to reduce the costs incurred due to returns and exchanges.

Legislation and Standardization

Recognizing the size conundrum, the Indian government has also intervened. The National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) has initiated a National Sizing Survey titled 'INFit', which aims to develop a comprehensive size chart for India. The outcome of this survey could potentially revolutionize the clothing industry and significantly reduce the fit-related issues consumers face.

The Road Ahead

While these strides are promising, there's a long road ahead. Complete standardization is a mammoth task given the diversity of the Indian populace. However, this challenge has prompted brands to think out of the box, nudged them towards inclusivity, and compelled them to embrace technology.

Uniform size standardization would not only offer an enhanced shopping experience but also impact the sustainability aspect of fashion. With fewer returns and less wastage, we could inch closer to a more sustainable fashion industry.

The Conclusion

So the next time you see a 'size guide' or are asked to input your measurements, know that you're a part of a greater movement. One that's striving to make your shopping spree seamless and the clothing industry more accountable and inclusive.

Caught up in the size maze too? Did this article resonate with you? If so, hit that share button and help us spread the word. The fit should be a right, not a privilege, and it's high time we talked about it more.

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