How are beauty brands tackling the issue of product standardization in online shopping?

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May 23, 2023

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How are beauty brands tackling the issue of product standardization in online shopping?

The Beauty Standard: How Indian Beauty Brands are Mastering Online Product Standardization

The world of beauty has a new mirror - your screen. As we dive into the radiant labyrinth of online beauty shopping, we unravel how brands are ensuring the standardization of products, making your virtual cart more reliable than ever.

The Beauty of Standardization

Online shopping is a convenience that's hard to resist. From the latest eyeshadow palette to the age-old kajal, the beauty market has gone digital, and how! But the question of the hour is - "How can I trust what I see on my screen?"

The Indian beauty industry, valued at around ₹80,370 crores, is treading the e-commerce path with a unique challenge - product standardization. A blush might look peachy on your screen, but what if it turns out to be pink in reality? Brands are aware of this issue and are leaving no stone unturned to address it.

The All-Seeing Eye (Shadow)

Let's take an example of the popular homegrown beauty brand - XYZ. They came up with a solution that's as simple as it is effective. They started providing product images under various lighting conditions, giving customers a more realistic idea of the product. No more 'Expectation vs Reality' memes with XYZ.

One Size Doesn't Fit All

Skin tones, types, and preferences vary greatly, especially in a diverse country like India. To cater to this, brands like ABC have introduced virtual 'Try-On' features. This tech marvel allows you to upload a selfie and 'apply' different products, helping you make an informed choice. You can now see how the 'Rosy Red' lipstick looks on you without even ordering it!

Speak the Language of Labels

Reading the product labels is as important online as it is offline. However, labels can often be confusing, especially when dealing with scientific terms. DEF, another Indian beauty brand, has tackled this by explaining each ingredient in layman's terms in their product descriptions. This transparency ensures that you know exactly what's going on your skin.

Review - The New Word of Mouth

Peer opinion matters, and brands understand that. GHI, a skincare brand, has a comprehensive review system where users not only rate the product but also share their skin type, age, and the results they observed. This provides a more personalized and relatable insight into the product's effectiveness.

Standardizing Standards

While these steps have been instrumental in tackling product standardization, there's still a long way to go. A standardized guideline from a regulatory body like the Bureau of Indian Standards would go a long way in ensuring consistency across brands. Until then, the proactive measures taken by brands are our best bet.

The Final Swipe

The world of online beauty shopping is evolving at a fast pace. Brands are continuously innovating to ensure that what you see is what you get. In a world where your screen is the new mirror, these measures to standardize products are ensuring that your reflection is as accurate as possible.

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With the beauty world at your fingertips, we urge you to make informed choices. Let's embrace the new face of beauty shopping, one swipe at a time.

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