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10 Latest Trends in Father's Day Gifts for the Designer Dad

Last updated :
March 10, 2024

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As we gear up for father's day 2024, it's time to think about how we can make this day extra special for our dads. It's not just about the gift, but the thought and love that go into choosing it. Finding the perfect gift for the father's day can be a delightful journey, filled with memories and appreciation for all that our dads do for us.

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The Art of Choosing the Right Gift for the Designer Dad

When it comes to your dads, especially those who live and breathe design, finding the right gift for occasions like Happy Father's Day or Happy Birthday Papa can seem like a daunting task.

  • The principal challenge here is getting an item that reflects their distinct tastes and preferences, which are deeply intertwined with their keen eye for aesthetics and design.
  • Another obstacle could be trying to find something they don't already own or know about. Your average off-the-shelf present may not cut it with a designer dad - they might see straight through it!

1. Tech Gadgets with a Design Twist

In an era where technology is king, stylish and functional gadgets are a hit. For father's day 2024 in India which is on 16 June, consider these trendy tech gifts that blend functionality with aesthetic appeal:

  • Smartwatches with customizable interfaces – perfect for dads who love staying on top of the latest tech trends.
  • High-quality wireless earbuds – offering both superior sound and a sleek design, ideal for music-loving dads.
  • Stylish smart home devices – voice-controlled assistants that not only simplify life but also add elegance to his living space.

2. Personalized Designer Accessories

Personalization adds a special touch to gifts, making them memorable. For father's day 2024, consider these bespoke accessory ideas:

  • Custom-made watches – a timeless gift that reflects your dad's unique style.
  • Bespoke leather goods – like wallets or belts, personalized with his initials for a touch of exclusivity.
  • Engraved cufflinks or tie pins – adding a dash of sophistication to his wardrobe, perfect for the stylish dad.

3. Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Design Items

With a growing awareness of environmental sustainability, eco-friendly gifts are both thoughtful and trendy. For father's day 2024 in India, consider these sustainable gift ideas:

  • Recycled material accessories – stylish and sustainable, perfect for the environmentally conscious dad.
  • Eco-friendly tech gadgets – like solar-powered chargers or bamboo wireless keyboards, combining innovation with sustainability.
  • Sustainable home decor – items made from upcycled materials or eco-friendly products, adding a green touch to his space.

4. Artistic Home Decor Pieces

This father's day on 16 June 2024, why not gift something that adds a touch of creativity to your dad's living space? Artistic home decor is all about personal expression and style. Here are some trendy ideas:

  • Modern art pieces – choose artwork that resonates with your dad's taste, be it abstract, classic, or contemporary.
  • Designer lighting fixtures – lamps and lights that double as art pieces, perfect for adding ambiance to his favourite room.
  • Handcrafted decor – unique items like pottery or woodwork that bring warmth and personality to his home.

5. Fashion and Style Subscriptions

Keep your dad in vogue with a fashion and style subscription. It's a gift that keeps giving beyond the father's day 2024 date. Here's what you can look for:

  • Clothing subscription boxes – curated boxes that deliver the latest fashion trends to his doorstep.
  • Accessory clubs – monthly subscriptions for stylish ties, socks, or cufflinks, perfect for the fashion-forward dad.
  • Grooming kits – subscription services that offer premium grooming products, keeping him looking sharp all year round.
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6. DIY Design and Craft Kits

For the dad who loves getting hands-on, DIY design and craft kits can be a delightful gift for the father's day. They offer a fun and engaging way to create and bond. Consider these options:

  • Model building kits – from ships to cars, these kits can provide hours of creative enjoyment.
  • Home brewing kits – for the dad who's interested in crafting his own beer or wine.
  • Woodworking projects – kits that come with all the necessary materials and instructions for a satisfying DIY experience.

These kits not only provide a fun project but also a sense of accomplishment and a lasting keepsake.

7. Books on Design and Architecture

If your dad is a fan of design and architecture, a well-chosen book can be a timeless gift for the father's day. Here are some ideas:

  • Books on contemporary design – explore the latest trends and innovations in the world of design.
  • Architectural coffee table books – stunning visual collections that can be both inspiring and decorative.
  • Biographies of renowned architects or designers – offering insights into the minds of creative geniuses.

These books not only provide knowledge but also serve as a source of inspiration and a beautiful addition to his collection.

8. Gourmet Experiences for the Culinary Dad

For the dad who loves to cook, why not gift an experience that indulges his culinary passions this father's day 2024? Here are some ideas that will surely delight his taste buds:

  • Gourmet cooking classes – from local cuisine to international dishes, let him learn from the best chefs.
  • Premium cooking equipment – high-quality kitchen gadgets that make cooking a luxurious experience.
  • Food and wine tours – a perfect way for him to explore new flavors and culinary techniques.

9. Fitness and Wellness Gear for the Active Dad

If your dad is into health and fitness, consider gifting him something that supports his active lifestyle this father's day 2024. Here are some ideas:

  • Designer fitness equipment – stylish and functional gear that motivates and supports his fitness goals.
  • Smart fitness trackers – to help him monitor his progress and stay on track with his health objectives.
  • Wellness subscriptions – such as yoga or meditation apps, for a holistic approach to health and well-being.

These gifts show your care for his health and well-being, making them perfect for father's day 2024.

10. Virtual Design Experiences

For the dad who loves design and technology, virtual reality (VR) experiences related to design and art can be a unique way to celebrate father's day 2024 in India. Consider these options:

  • VR art galleries – where he can explore and appreciate art from around the world.
  • Virtual design workshops – to learn and create in a virtual environment.
  • Interactive design games – that combine creativity with the fun of gaming.

These virtual experiences offer a new and exciting way to engage with his interests in design and art.


Choosing the perfect gift for dad is all about understanding his interests and passions. Whether it's gourmet cooking, staying fit, or exploring the world of design, the key is to find something that resonates with him. As we look forward to father's day 2024, let's make it a day to remember with thoughtful gifts that reflect the love and appreciation we have for our dads.

If you found these ideas helpful, consider bookmarking this page for future reference or sharing it with friends and family who might also be looking for gift inspiration. And if you have your own unique gift ideas for Father's Day 2024, we'd love to hear about them in the comments!

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