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What's Trending: Christmas Gifts in India

Last updated :
March 10, 2024

minutes read

As snowflakes delicately kiss the earth and festive lights brighten up homes, there is something unmistakably magical in the air. Yes, you guessed it right, it's nearly Christmas. A major part of this festive magic is the tradition of gifting. Imagine the joy of finding the perfect Christmas gift in India and experiencing the recipient's eyes lighting up. Unbeatable, isn't it?

Now, Christmas might not be a traditional Indian festival, but it's embraced with much love and enthusiasm. What adds a pinch of extra spice is how we Indians bring in our unique flavours to everything global, and that includes Christmas gifting. So, let's unwrap the world of Christmas gift in India together.

Mix of traditional and modern Christmas gifts in India including handmade sweets, electronic gadgets, and eco-friendly products
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The Tradition of Christmas Gifts in India

Back in time when the first church bell tolled in India, marking the onset of Christmas, the tradition of gifts mostly revolved around homemade sweets, new clothes, and more. As India metamorphosed over the years, our Christmas gifting also underwent a revolution. From exchanging modest handmade gifts, we've evolved into a phase where finding the perfect Christmas gift in India could range from gadgets to fashion, and from personal care to experiences.

  • Every year as Christmas seeps into the aura, people all across start planning and hunting for that perfect Christmas gift in India. 
  • A gift which fits right with the receiver's personality, something they would cherish, and something that brings a smile to their face is what everyone aims for.

Navigating the Christmas Gift Market in India

Did you get lost during your last expedition into the Christmas market? With loads of options, it's dreadfully easy to veer off track. Selecting the perfect Christmas gift in India does seem a bit like diamond mining, doesn't it? But worry not, we've got you covered with some handy tips:

  • Understand the receiver: Take into account their likes, preferences, hobbies, and even their lifestyle. 
  • Be relevant: Try to align the gift with the current state of the receiver. A student would really appreciate a study planner, while a frequent traveller would be thrilled with a new backpack.
  • Quality over quantity: It's better to give one meaningful gift than ten random ones.
  • Timing is everything: Don't slack off till the last minute. Remember, with gifts, it's the thought that counts and a rushed decision rarely holds much thoughtfulness.

What's Trending: Christmas Gift in India

What's at the heart of this year's gifting scene in India? Let's unroll the Christmas stockings and dive right in:

  • Personalised gifts: Have their names engrained on a piece of wood or sewn in on a hand towel, the personal touch is a hit with everyone.
  • Experiences over materialistic goods: A photography workshop for the enthusiast, a cooking class for the foodie, a yoga retreat for the fitness freak – you can gift them a memory that lasts a lifetime!
  • Tech gadgets: Bluetooth speakers, smart home devices and health monitoring gadgets are all a big hit.

Traditional vs Modern Christmas Gift in India

Just like a Christmas pudding tastes better with two different sauces, Christmas gifts also have two diverse yet equally delightful flavours - traditional and modern. Let's dive into the world of both:

Traditional Gifts Modern Gifts
Common examples Handmade Sweets, Clothes, Handicrafts Electronic Gadgets, Personal Care Products, Experience Vouchers
Pros Sentimental value, Personalized Trendy, Exciting and Wide Range of Options
Cons Can be seen as old-fashioned or less exciting May lack personal touch, can get expensive
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The Online Boom: Christmas Gift in India

With the internet sprucing up our lives in all sorts of ways, why would Christmas shopping be left behind? Here's how the online boom has reshaped the way we pick and pack our Christmas goodies:

  • Convenience: Shopping for your Christmas gift in India while lounging in your pyjamas? Yes, please! The hassle-free, time-saving convenience that online shopping offers is incomparable.
  • Endless options: From chic trinkets to premium tech gadgets, online stores are bursting with a myriad of gift options.
  • Easy price comparison: With multiple brands and platforms to choose from, you can compare prices and make sure you bag the best deal.
  • Doorstep delivery: Whether it's to your own doorstep or that of your loved ones, online portals offer delivery services that make gifting a piece of cake!

DIY Christmas Gifts

Let's face it, there is something special about DIY gifts, ain't there? It's like wrapping your love and effort in a package. Off late, DIY Christmas gifts have become the talk of the tinsel town, captivating the Christmas gift in India scene with their charm and thoughtfulness. From homemade candles to hand-painted mugs, the options are endless and incredibly heart-warming.

  • Personalised Christmas Ornaments: A bauble painted with a special message or picture can light up any Christmas tree and heart!
  • Knitted Goods: How about a knitted scarf or a hat to stave off the winter cold? It adds a dash of warmth to your gift.
  • Homemade Sweets: Whip up some Christmas cookies or a yule log cake that'll sweeten up Christmas morning.
  • Bath Bombs or Soap: Handmade bath products with beautiful Christmas fragrances make for an indulgent gift.

Sustainable Christmas Gift in India

As we become more conscious of our Earth, the trend of sustainable and eco-friendly gifts has seen a rise. A sustainable Christmas gift in India festively says, 'I care about you, and I care about our planet'. So, this Christmas, let's spread some cheer while being kind to our home. Here are some eco-friendly gift ideas:

  • Reusable Shopping Bags: Eco-friendly shopping bags are both a practical and earth-loving gift option.
  • Planters or Seeds: Gifting a plant or a seed packet not only adds to the green cover but also brings with it a sense of growth and hope.
  • Solar-Powered Gadgets: From solar-powered lights to chargers, these gifts are an excellent way to promote clean energy.
  • Organic Skin Care Products: They are gentle on the skin and Mother Earth.
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Tips for Last-Minute Christmas Shopping

So the clock's ticking and you've just remembered that you've got a list as long as Santa's to tick off. Fear not, for even the most delayed of shoppers can still snag that dreamy Christmas gift in India. Here's a list of quick tips for those who've left it a wee bit late:

  • Gift Cards: When in doubt, go for a gift card. They're quick to secure and offer flexibility to the receiver.
  • Online E-Gifts: Plenty of online platforms allow you to send gifts directly to an email or a WhatsApp number in a snap.
  • Local Artisan Markets: Stick close to home. Artisan markets often have one-of-a-kind items that make wonderful last-minute gifts.
  • Bookstore Bonanza: A bookstore is a treasure trove for last-minute gifts, be it novels, planners, or biographies. There's something for every personality.

Best Places for Last-Minute Christmas Shopping

  • Local Craft Stores: Often open till late during the festive season.
  • High Street Fashion Outlets: You might catch some late-night shopping events.
  • Online Retail Giants: Many offer express shipping during the Christmas season.
  • Local Bazaars: Where you can find a wide array of gifts ranging from textiles to tech.


That's a wrap on our Christmas extravaganza. Along this jolly ride, we've covered everything that's lighting up the Christmas gift in India scene like fairy lights on a tree. We've seen how gifts can range from personalised DIY crafts to eco-friendly treasures that do a world of good. And for those buzzer-beater shoppers, remember, the best gifts aren't defined by the clock but by the thought behind them.

If you've found some twinkling inspiration, why not bookmark this guide? Or better yet, pass this parcel of ideas onto your friends or family. 

Here's to a Christmas filled with joy, generosity, and gifts that would even make Santa's elves proud.

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