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What is a gift card?
Also known as brand vouchers, gift vouchers and brand cards, gift cards are a digital mode of payment which carries a amount along with a pin / card no. You can buy these gift cards and use them to pay on 300+ brand online and offline as well.
Why should I use a gift card?
Gift cards help you get great value on your purchase with a brand. They simplify giving, help with budgeting, and are easily sent across distances, ensuring your thoughtful gesture brings joy and value.
How to use a gift card?
To use a gift card, simply present it at the time of purchase in-store or enter the card’s unique code at checkout when shopping online. The amount of your purchase will be deducted from the card's balance.

Top 5 Gift Cards for Fashion and Beauty Lovers

Last updated :
March 10, 2024

minutes read

Finding the right gift for friends who are all about looking fab and feeling great can be tricky, right? Well, no worries! Gift cards are like a cheat code to the perfect present. And I'm here to show you the cream of the crop.

Fashion and Beauty items with Gift Cards for a stylish and glamorous look.
Fashion Tour of India: Click & Discover!
Dive into India's colorful wardrobe with our easy-to-use map! Just click on a state and see what people wear, from timeless classics to trendy outfits. Plus, check out the cool brands they love. It's fun, fast, and full of surprises!

Gift Cards: Why They're a Winner

Gift cards are awesome because they let your friends pick exactly what they want. It's like acknowledging your love for shopping, go ahead and treat yourself! And sending a Myntra gift card code by email is super easy!

Style Them Up with a Westside Gift Card

  • Westside has all the cool clothes and bits you could want. It's perfect for peeps who wanna keep their wardrobe fresh.
  • Give a Westside gift card and let your friend pick out something they’ll wear and love.
  • Grabbing one is dead simple, just go to a Westside store or their website, buy the card and you're sorted.

A Makeover in the Making with a Sephora Gift Card

  • Sephora's got all the makeup and skin stuff anyone could dream of. It's heaven for beauty lovers!
  • A Sephora gift card is like an invitation to go on and get that glam look you've been eyeing.
  • These gift cards are a breeze to buy, in-store or online and boom – you've nailed the perfect gift!

High-Class Style with a Luxe Gift Card

  • A Luxe gift card is your ticket to the fanciest brands out there. 
  • Know someone who loves the posh life? They’ll go gaga for one of these.
  • Buying a Luxe gift card is easy. Just a few clicks online and you’ve got a gift that screams class.

The Online Shopping Spree with a Myntra Gift Card Code

Love shopping without leaving your room? Then a Myntra gift card code is the way to go. It's all online, and with so many choices, your friend can nab the latest styles in seconds!

Healthy Beauty Picks with a Big Basket Gift Card

  • With a Big Basket gift card, you can dive into tons of health and beauty bits that are all about looking great the natural way.
  • It's a thoughtful way to show you care about them inside and out.
  • Buying a Big Basket gift card is a doddle online, and there you have it – a gift that’s good for them and the planet!
😎 Top selling gift cards now

Makeup and Skincare Dreams with a Sephora Gift Card

Alright, let's dive into the colourful world of Sephora! It's like stepping into a kaleidoscope of beauty products where you can play with every shade under the sun! And for anyone who's all about that glow-up, a Sephora Gift Card is like handing them the keys to beauty paradise.

  • Get lost in a sea of lipsticks, eyeshadows, and all that good stuff that makes experimenting with looks so much fun.
  • A Sephora Gift Card is perfect for your friends who are makeup-mad. 
  • Buying one is easy too – just pop online or into a store, and you're on your way to gifting some serious glam.

Luxurious Shopping with a Luxe Gift Card

Now, if we're talking high-end, the Luxe Gift Card is your golden ticket. 

  • This is for those special folks in your life who have a taste for the finer threads and accessories.
  • Consider a Luxe Gift Card the ace up your sleeve for when you want to spoil someone rotten without boggling your brain about what they'd love.
  • Snatch up one of these beauties online or at high-end malls, and watch your loved one's face light up like London on New Year's Eve.

Shop Online with Ease Using a Myntra Gift Card Code

Picture this: browsing through the latest styles from the comfort of your digs. That's what Myntra's all about! With a Myntra Gift Card Code, you’re giving someone a hassle-free shopping spree.

  • Choice galore: whether it’s the newest sneakers or a stylish dress, they’ve got it.
  • Great for last-minute presents since you can send a Myntra Gift Card Code straight to their inbox in no time.
  • To send one, just head over to the Myntra website, pick the amount, enter your friend's email, and it’s sorted!
  • With a few clicks, your friends can raid the virtual aisles for the hippest outfits, shoes, or accessories.
  • For friends who reckon crowded malls are as fun as homework on the weekend, a Myntra Gift Card Code is a lifesaver.
  • Want to get one? Just roll over to the Myntra site, pick your amount, and send the gift code to their email. 

For the Organic and Wellness Fans Big Basket Gift Card

Jump into the world of Big Basket where it’s all about going green and clean with your beauty routine. From organic shampoos to herbal teas, this is a treasure trove for anyone keen on a wellness glow-up.

  • A Big Basket Gift Card is like saying you care about them and the planet. Real thoughtful, right?
  • Perfect for those who enjoy getting their goodies delivered straight to their doorstep.
  • Just pop over to Big Basket’s website, choose the card value, and send it to your pal’s email. It’s as simple as making a cuppa.
  • Big Basket is this fab online grocery store that’s stocked with all sorts of organic treats and health-centric goodies.
  • Snapping one up is dead easy – head to the Big Basket site, choose the card value and send it off. They'll be thanking you as they munch on organic crisps or slather on eco-friendly lotion.

Choosing the Perfect Gift Card

Now, listening and picking up what your pals are into is key. Pay attention to their favourite shops or what’s filling up their shopping bags lately. This way, you can be sure your gift card is spot-on. You could even nab a Sephora Gift Card for a bit of everything. So, we've had butchers at some top gift cards, right? They’re easy to buy, a joy to get, and they match just about anyone's taste in fashion and beauty. You've got the all-rounders like the Westside Gift Card and the uber-flexible Myntra Gift Card Code.

Don't forget to bookmark this page for those times when you need a quick gift fix. Or even better, send it over to your friends and family. They might just thank you next time they need a spot-on present for a fashion or beauty enthusiast.

😎 Top selling gift cards now
😎 Top selling gift cards now
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