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What is a gift card?
Also known as brand vouchers, gift vouchers and brand cards, gift cards are a digital mode of payment which carries a amount along with a pin / card no. You can buy these gift cards and use them to pay on 300+ brand online and offline as well.
Why should I use a gift card?
Gift cards help you get great value on your purchase with a brand. They simplify giving, help with budgeting, and are easily sent across distances, ensuring your thoughtful gesture brings joy and value.
How to use a gift card?
To use a gift card, simply present it at the time of purchase in-store or enter the card’s unique code at checkout when shopping online. The amount of your purchase will be deducted from the card's balance.

5 Best Gift Cards for Shopping Enthusiasts

Last updated :
March 10, 2024

minutes read

Do you know someone whose hobby is shopping? Are they always on the lookout for the next best thing in fashion, beauty, or tech? Gifting is a breeze when you've got a list of the 5 best gift cards suited for those who love to browse, add to cart, and revel in the joy of their latest haul. Let's take a look at the top picks that are guaranteed to make any shopping enthusiast's day.

A joyful person surrounded by shopping bags, with gift cards in hand, reflecting the excitement of shopping enthusiasts.
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Gift Cards: A Present That Everyone Loves to Unwrap

We get it – when it comes to presents, it's the thought that counts. Gift cards somehow link the warmth of tradition with the pixel-perfect precision of the digital age. Whether you're miles apart, or just unsure of their tastes, here's why a gift card could be your golden ticket to their heart.

1. Best Gift Card for Variety Seekers: The Flipkart Gift Card

From Tech to Textiles, the Flipkart Gift Card Has It All

Ever wished you could gift an entire mall? Well, the Flipkart gift card is pretty much that. Flooded with options, it lets your loved ones pick anything from the latest bestseller to this year’s trendy trainers.

  • Easy purchase and instant digital delivery
  • Thousands of products across diverse categories
  • Simple redemption at checkout - no unnecessary hoops to jump through
  • Values that align with your budget, so you don’t overstretch
  • Long validity period, because good things don't have to end quickly

2. Best Gift Card for Fashion Lovers: The Ajio Gift Card

Make Fashion Forward Statement with the Ajio Gift Card

Got a friend who's a style icon? The Ajio gift card is the secret to keeping their wardrobe fresh and funky. Trust us, they'll love you for the endless fashion possibilities.

  • Includes the latest styles and classic must-haves
  • Quick online purchase – no queues, no fuss
  • A redemption process as smooth as their style transitions
  • Different denominations to match how much you want to spoil them
  • Good-to-go for ages, because fashion is forever

3. Best Gift Card for Beauty Enthusiasts: The Nykaa Gift Card

Beauty and Wellness in a Card, the Nykaa Gift Card Awaits

Dreaming of giving the ultimate pampering session? With the Nykaa gift card, your friends can indulge in skincare rituals or makeup hauls without taking a step outside their door.

  • A vast array of beauty and wellness products
  • E-gift cards for an instant treat – no more waiting for the postie
  • Effortless redemption online, so they can start their beauty journey asap
  • Choose a value that suits your gift-giving budget
  • Plenty of time to use it, because beauty isn't a race against the clock
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4. Best Gift Card for Everyday Convenience: The Paytm Gift Card

The Paytm Gift Card Keeps Giving and Giving

If you’re after something that'll sort a month’s worth of activities, look no further than the Paytm gift card. It's perfect for the friend who's all about movies one day and malls the next.

  • Covers shopping, bill payments, bookings and more
  • Score super deals and even cashback – it's a win-win
  • Picking one up is as easy as sending a text
  • Practical and straightforward redemption means no fumbling around
  • Packed with a lengthy validity period, so there's no pressure to splurge

5. Gift Card for Sports and Fitness Fans: The Decathlon Gift Card

For the Love of Sports, the Decathlon Gift Card Is a Winner

Champs at heart deserve a gift that speaks to their spirit. The Decathlon gift card is a passport to all the gear they need for their next game or outdoor adventure.

  • An exhaustive selection of sports and fitness equipment
  • Two ticks and their card is prepped for presentation – easy-peasy
  • Buying the card is a simple task, online or in-store
  • No sweat redemption for an effortless experience
  • Validity that lasts longer than the average fitness resolution

Top Tips for Gift Cards That Warm the Heart

Gifting a card? Add a pinch of personality to it. A few thoughtful words in your message show you really know them. And pick one with a decent expiry date. It's nice to have the luxury of time to choose the perfect moment for a shopping spree.

  • Personalise with a message that means something special
  • Select a card with a long expiry for ultimate flexibility
  • Keep the recipient's taste in mind for a sure-hit gift
  • Consider their lifestyle – a long expiry gives them the freedom to shop at leisure

Pick It, Send It, Love It

As you can see, gift cards are little messengers of joy that are spot on for every occasion. Whether you're hopping on the Flipkart gift card, style train, social media showoff, lifestyle aficionado or homebody train, these gift cards are tickets to their perfect match. Don't just take our word for it, give it a go and see the wide smiles for yourself. 

And remember, this isn't just a webpage – it's your ultimate guide to gifting success, so bookmark it for your future self, and why not give your friends a leg up on their gift shopping by sharing this article? Let's spread the love and ace the gift-giving game together!

😎 Top selling gift cards now
😎 Top selling gift cards now
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