How does Hubble compare to gift card apps or platforms?

September 27, 2023 1:26 AM

Often gift card apps or platforms lack a good experience when it comes to directly purchasing gift cards due to its complex checkout process and offers. The discounts offered are not very straightforward and vary for the same brand depending on what you are purchasing. Cashbacks can take anywhere between 1 to 90 days to credit and it is not guaranteed that the cashback will be validated and transferred. Compared to gift card apps or platforms, Hubble offers a unique shopping experience with instant discounts and a seamless checkout process. Unlike other platforms, Hubble ensures transparent and consistent savings of up to 10% on all your purchases. You no longer have to wait for uncertain cashbacks that may take weeks or months to credit. Additionally, Hubble sources brand cards directly from the brands themselves, guaranteeing authenticity and the best deals for you.

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