What is a Spending Account? Why do you need it? 

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March 27, 2023

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What is a Spending Account? Why do you need it? 

Would you eat soup with a fork? Or try to skate in running shoes? Or play cricket with a badminton racket?

No, because it would be absurd.

Then why do you “spend” from a “savings” account?

When you use a product that is not fit for purpose, you don’t get the desired results. Now you might ask, is there something like a “spending” account?

What is a spending account?

A spending account is an account designed for your lifestyle spending. It helps you get the maximum value from the money you have earmarked for spending on daily expenses, regular shopping, or once-in-a-while luxury buys. A spending account has specially designed features that enhance your spending experience and provide the best growth to your spending money.

Why do you need a spending account?

When you spend on your lifestyle, you typically make multiple transactions with multiple brands and merchants. Because of the unique way in which spending money is used, it has certain unique challenges. 

  • Your spending money lies idle in the savings account and earns very little or next to nothing because of low-interest rates, high inflation rates, and taxation.
  • Earnings are credited quarterly or annually by the banks, which means you end up losing earnings due to multiple transactions taking place simultaneously
  • It is difficult to track spending across categories when investments, utility bill payments, shopping, etc. - all payments are debited from the same account.
  • You end up exposing your bank details to multiple brands and merchants as you spend across categories.

Introducing Hubble Money - your spending account

Hubble is the first-of-its-kind spending account where you can deposit your ‘spend’ money & earn 0.1% daily on that deposit, i.e. 10% in just 100 days. 

Once you add money to your Hubble account, your earnings are automatically credited every 24 hours. You can redeem your balance to spend on top brands such as Amazon, Flipkart, Swiggy, Uber, PVR, Myntra, Nykaa, Croma, and more. Hubble has partnered with 30+ top brands to bring you a fulfilling shopping experience.

With Hubble, we also have flipped the rewards experience. Your spending money deposited in your account earns you more spending money. You don’t have to wait for discount coupons, cashback, or reward points. You will regularly get opportunities to earn even more, over & above your daily growth by participating in games & challenges. 

There is no lock-in with Hubble. In case something unexpected comes up, you can withdraw your money at any time. 

What are the benefits of the Hubble spending account?

A Hubble spending account is built to help you spend on all your lifestyle needs and make the most of your spending. 

  • Money kept in the Hubble spending account grows 10X faster than a savings account
  • Earnings on the Hubble balance are credited daily, you can spend any time without worrying about losing your earnings.
  • Earnings are guaranteed and consistent, no need to worry about the volatility of the market 
  • You can track and manage your spending across various categories easily through your Hubble spending account
  • Your bank details are safe and are not shared with any brand or merchant as you spend using virtual brand cards

Hubble Spending Account Vs Savings Account Vs FD

Let’s look at an example to understand the comparison. Suppose you deposit Rs 20,000 today in each avenue - Savings account, FD, & Hubble. Here’s how your money will grow in the next 100 days. 

Moreover, you can watch your money grow every day on Hubble, unlike savings accounts & FDs. Banks saving accounts and FDs have time period restrictions along with minimum interest amount requirements, making them less attractive options than Hubble when it comes to growing our liquid cash meant for spending purposes comparatively within the same duration i.e. 100 days!

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