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Boost your savings with practical tips, investment strategies, and financial advice to help you secure your financial future.

Plan and manage finances for family-related expenses and events

  • A Guide to Starting a Family and Saving for Your Child's Future on a 20 LPA Salary: Financial Planning Strategies
  • Employees with families and financial management
  • How to Fund Your Child's Education on a Single Income: Strategies for Success
  • How to Plan and Save for Your Child's Education
  • How to Save for Your Children's Future on a Middle-Class Salary
  • Women in the workplace and financial planning

Save money and make smart shopping decisions

  • 5 Money-Saving Shopping Tips every shopping enthusiast needs
  • A comprehensive guide to understanding consumer behavior and shopping decisions
  • Best credit card for Amazon purchases in India
  • How to save for and attend a destination wedding on a 12 LPA salary
  • The benefits of buying pre-owned or used cars in India
  • The benefits of carpooling and public transportation for Indian professionals
  • Tips for buying a pre-owned car in Delhi on a 10 LPA salary

Best practices for budgeting, financial planning, and goal setting

  • Budgeting vs spending plan
  • Develop a detailed guide on creating a lifestyle plan that aligns with financial goals
  • How to allocate your salary: needs, wants, and savings
  • How to balance lifestyle planning and financial goals for a fulfilling life
  • How to create a budget that aligns with your financial goals
  • How to set financial goals that are achievable and realistic
  • How to set lifestyle goals for long-term financial success
  • How to set realistic financial goals for retirement
  • How to spend less than you earn - 11 mistakes to avoid
  • Really simple way to create a sustainable budget
  • The 40 30 20 10 rule to saving and spending money
  • The benefits of automating your savings and investments
  • The benefits of minimalism and mindful spending for financial success
  • The benefits of starting early with SIPs for wealth creation
  • The benefits of tracking your spending habits
  • The habit of spending money - how to use it to your advantage

Optimize salary, tax deductions, and benefits

  • Decoding your Indian salary
  • Demystifying professional tax
  • Effective usage of salary for financial success
  • EPF withdrawal rules and regulations
  • How to optimize your EPF contributions for maximum benefits
  • Checklist: Key tax deductions for Indian employees to save more
  • Understanding the tax implications of employee benefits