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Wardhaman Nagar

Wardhaman Nagar is a vibrant and bustling neighborhood in the city of Indore, India. It is known for its lively markets, delicious street food, and colorful temples. Visitors can explore the area's many attractions, including the iconic Rajwada Palace, the bustling Sarafa Bazaar, and the beautiful Lal Bagh Palace. With its unique culture and friendly locals, Wardhaman Nagar is a great place to visit for a truly unforgettable experience.

๐Ÿ› Food

Top 10 Local Delicacies in
Wardhaman Nagar

1. Misal Pav, Hotel Shreeram2. Vada Pav, Hotel Sujata3. Pav Bhaji, Hotel Shreeram4. Sabudana Khichdi, Hotel Sujata5. Thalipeeth, Hotel Shreeram6. Sabudana Vada, Hotel Sujata7. Kothimbir Vadi, Hotel Shreeram8. Sabudana Wada, Hotel Sujata9. Kanda Bhaji, Hotel Shreeram10. Upma, Hotel Sujata

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Top 5 Veg Restaurants in
Wardhaman Nagar

1. Hotel Shreemaya, Plot No. 1, Wardhaman Nagar2. Hotel Shreeji, Plot No. 2, Wardhaman Nagar3. Hotel Shree, Plot No. 3, Wardhaman Nagar4. Hotel Shree Ganesh, Plot No. 4, Wardhaman Nagar5. Hotel Shree Sai, Plot No. 5, Wardhaman Nagar

Top 5 Nonveg Restaurants in
Wardhaman Nagar

1. Hotel Shree Ratan, Wardhaman Nagar2. Hotel Shree Krishna, Wardhaman Nagar3. Hotel Shree Balaji, Wardhaman Nagar4. Hotel Shree Sai, Wardhaman Nagar5. Hotel Shree Ganesh, Wardhaman Nagar

Top 5 Street foods to try in
Wardhaman Nagar

1. Vada Pav, Wardhaman Nagar2. Bhel Puri, Wardhaman Nagar3. Pav Bhaji, Wardhaman Nagar4. Misal Pav, Wardhaman Nagar5. Samosa, Wardhaman Nagar

Top 5 local sweets in
Wardhaman Nagar

1. Gulab Jamun, Mithaiwala2. Kulfi Falooda, Mithaiwala3. Chocolate Brownie, The Chocolate Room4. Caramel Custard, The Chocolate Room5. Chocolate Mousse, The Chocolate Room

๐Ÿงญ Travel

Top 10 Tourist Spots near
Wardhaman Nagar

1. Ambazari Lake, 2.5 km2. Maharajbagh Zoo, 2.7 km3. Futala Lake, 2.9 km4. Japanese Garden, 3.2 km5. Shukrawar Peth Ganpati Temple, 3.3 km6. Balaji Mandir, 3.4 km7. Sitabuldi Fort, 3.5 km8. Shri Ram Mandir, 3.6 km9. Ambazari Garden, 3.7 km10. NIT Garden, 4.2 km

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Top 5 Budget hotels in
Wardhaman Nagar

1. Hotel Surya Palace, Plot No. 8, Wardhaman Nagar, Nagpur2. Hotel Rajdhani, Plot No. 5, Wardhaman Nagar, Nagpur3. Hotel Shree Residency, Plot No. 7, Wardhaman Nagar, Nagpur4. Hotel Shree Sai, Plot No. 6, Wardhaman Nagar, Nagpur5. Hotel Shree Balaji, Plot No. 4, Wardhaman Nagar, Nagpur

Top 5 Parks in
Wardhaman Nagar

1. Kamal Garden2. Chhota Tinkheda Garden3. Shri Ram Garden4. Shri Krishna Garden5. Shri Sai Garden

Top 5 Trekking trails near
Wardhaman Nagar

1. Wardhaman Nagar, 0 km2. Chikhaldara, 250 km3. Harishchandragad, 350 km4. Ratangad, 400 km5. Rajmachi, 450 km

Top 3 beaches near
Wardhaman Nagar

1. Nagpur Beach, 2 km2. Ambazari Lake, 4 km3. Futala Lake, 5 km4. Ambazari Garden, 6 km5. Ambazari Dam, 8 km

๐Ÿ›๏ธ Shopping

Top 5 shopping malls in
Wardhaman Nagar

1. Inorbit Mall, North Ambazari Road, 2.5 km2. Empress Mall, Central Avenue, 2.2 km3. D-Mart, North Ambazari Road, 2.3 km4. Reliance Mall, North Ambazari Road, 2.4 km5. Poonam Mall, North Ambazari Road, 2.6 km

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Top 5 clothing stores in
Wardhaman Nagar

1. Lifestyle, North Ambazari Road, 0.7 km2. Pantaloons, North Ambazari Road, 0.8 km3. Shoppers Stop, North Ambazari Road, 0.9 km4. Westside, North Ambazari Road, 1.1 km5. Max, North Ambazari Road, 1.2 km

Top 5 furniture stores in
Wardhaman Nagar

1. Furniture World, Wardhaman Nagar, 0 km2. Furniture Palace, Central Avenue, 0.5 km3. Furniture Mart, North Avenue, 1 km4. Furniture Bazaar, South Avenue, 1.5 km5. Furniture Gallery, East Avenue, 2 km

Top 5 jewellers in
Wardhaman Nagar

1. Kalyan Jewellers, Central Avenue, 0.5 km2. Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri, North Ambazari Road, 1.2 km3. PC Jeweller, North Ambazari Road, 1.3 km4. Joyalukkas, North Ambazari Road, 1.4 km5. Senco Gold & Diamonds, North Ambazari Road, 1.5 km

Top 5 Electronics stores in
Wardhaman Nagar

1. Reliance Digital, North Ambazari Road, 0.5 km2. Croma, Central Avenue, 1.2 km3. Vijay Sales, North Ambazari Road, 0.7 km4. Sangeetha Mobiles, North Ambazari Road, 0.6 km5. Poorvika Mobiles, North Ambazari Road, 0.8 km

๐Ÿง  Body & Mind

Top 5 gyms in
Wardhaman Nagar

1. Gold's Gym, Wardhaman Nagar2. Fitness First, Wardhaman Nagar3. Talwalkars, Wardhaman Nagar4. Cult.Fit, Wardhaman Nagar5. Anytime Fitness, Wardhaman Nagar

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Top 5 beauty salons in
Wardhaman Nagar

1. Naturals Unisex Salon, Wardhaman Nagar2. Hair Masters Unisex Salon, Wardhaman Nagar3. Hair Craft Unisex Salon, Wardhaman Nagar4. Hair Studio Unisex Salon, Wardhaman Nagar5. Hair Art Unisex Salon, Wardhaman Nagar

Top 5 Cinemas in
Wardhaman Nagar

1. Inox, Wardhaman Nagar, 0.3 km2. PVR, Empress Mall, 0.7 km3. Carnival Cinemas, Empress Mall, 0.7 km4. Fun Cinemas, Empress Mall, 0.7 km5. Big Cinemas, Empress Mall, 0.7 km

Top 5 Libraries & Bookshops in
Wardhaman Nagar

1. Crossword Bookstore, Wardhaman Nagar2. Oxford Bookstore, Wardhaman Nagar3. Kitab Khana, Wardhaman Nagar4. Bookworm Library, Wardhaman Nagar5. Book Bazaar, Wardhaman Nagar

๐Ÿ†˜ Emergency

Emergency Contacts in
Wardhaman Nagar

1. Police Control Room: 1002. Fire Brigade: 1013. Ambulance: 1024. Women Helpline: 10905. Disaster Management: 10706. Senior Citizen Helpline: 12917. Child Helpline: 10988. Mental Health Helpline: 022-25667700

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5 Pharmacies in
Wardhaman Nagar


5 Hospitals in
Wardhaman Nagar

1. Orange City Hospital & Research Institute, 0.5 km2. Care Hospital, 0.7 km3. Meditrina Hospital, 0.9 km4. Shree Hospital, 1.2 km5. Chirayu Medical College & Hospital, 1.3 km

5 Police stations near
Wardhaman Nagar

1. Sadar Police Station, Wardhaman Nagar2. Ambazari Police Station, Ambazari3. Lakadganj Police Station, Lakadganj4. Gittikhadan Police Station, Gittikhadan5. Dhantoli Police Station, Dhantoli

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