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Shyam Nagar


Shyam Nagar is a peaceful residential area in Jaipur. Known for its greenery and wide roads, it is home to several parks and temples, offering a peaceful environment within the bustling Pink City.

๐Ÿ› Food

Top 10 Local Delicacies in
Shyam Nagar

1. Galouti Kebab, Foodies Restaurant2. Boti Kebab, Mughlai Zaika3. Chole Bhature, Durga Khasta Corner4. Butter Chicken, Nanak Restaurant5. Mutton Biryani, The Great Indian Kitchen6. Dahi Vada, Sharma Tea Corner7. Pani Puri, Mummy's Food Plaza8. Pav Bhaji, Saini Dhaba9. Samosa, Chappan Bhog10. Kulfi Faluda, Raghav Das Kulfi Wale

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Top 5 Veg Restaurants in
Shyam Nagar

1. Moti Mahal Delux, Kaka Deo2. The Yellow Chilli, Govind Nagar3. Chowdhury's Veg Restaurant, Mall Road4. Little Chef Restaurant, Civil Lines5. Kebab & Curries Company, Z Square Mall

Top 5 Nonveg Restaurants in
Shyam Nagar

1. Cawnpore Kebab, Govind Nagar2. Mughlai Zaika, Kalyanpur3. The Salt Cafe, Mall Road4. Nanak Restaurant, Civil Lines5. Alamgir Restaurant, Mall Road

Top 5 Street foods to try in
Shyam Nagar

1. Pani Puri, Naveen Market2. Samosa, Chawla Market3. Aloo Tikki, Sisamau Bazar4. Kulcha Chole, Lal Bangla5. Kachori, Arya Nagar

Top 5 local sweets in
Shyam Nagar

1. Kulfi Faluda, Raghav Das Kulfi Wale2. Ras Malai, Chappan Bhog3. Gulab Jamun, Banarsi Sweets4. Rabri, Thaggu Ke Laddu5. Kaju Katli, Brijwasi Sweet House

๐Ÿงญ Travel

Top 10 Tourist Spots near
Shyam Nagar

1. Kanpur Memorial Church, 7.2 km from center of Shyam Nagar2. Allen Forest Zoo, 5.8 km from center of Shyam Nagar3. Shri Radhakrishna Temple, 3.1 km from center of Shyam Nagar4. Moti Jheel, 8.4 km from center of Shyam Nagar5. J.K. Temple, 5.2 km from center of Shyam Nagar6. Phool Bagh, 7.9 km from center of Shyam Nagar7. Kanpur Sangrahalaya, 8.1 km from center of Shyam Nagar8. Nana Rao Park, 7.2 km from center of Shyam Nagar9. Green Park Stadium, 4.2 km from center of Shyam Nagar10. Kamla Retreat, 7.4 km from center of Shyam Nagar

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Top 5 Budget hotels in
Shyam Nagar

"1. Hotel Malik Residency, Navin Market2. Hotel Royal Cliff, Swaroop Nagar3. Hotel Vijay Intercontinental, Tilak Nagar4. The Bridge Hotel, Civil Lines5. Best Western Bliss, VIP Road"

Top 5 Parks in
Shyam Nagar

1. Gautam Buddha Park2. Alok Park3. Shyam Nagar Park4. Nirala Nagar Park5. Govindpuri Park

Top 5 Trekking trails near
Shyam Nagar

1. Aravalli Hills - 50 km from Shyam Nagar2. Sariska Tiger Reserve - 107 km from Shyam Nagar3. Nahargarh Biological Park - 22 km from Shyam Nagar4. Mount Abu - 494 km from Shyam Nagar5. Ranakpur Jain Temple trek - 340 km from Shyam Nagar(NOTE: Jaipur, being a city in the desert state of Rajasthan, is not known for its trekking locations. However, there are several locations for hiking around forts and palaces in the nearby areas.)

Top 3 beaches near
Shyam Nagar

1. Diu Beach, Diu - 820 km from Shyam Nagar2. Mandvi Beach, Gujarat - 755 km from Shyam Nagar3. Daman Beach, Daman and Diu - 860 km from Shyam Nagar4. Alibaug Beach, Maharashtra - 1240 km from Shyam Nagar5. Goa Beaches - 1320 km from Shyam Nagar(NOTE: Jaipur is a landlocked city located in the desert state of Rajasthan and does not have any beaches. However, there are beautiful beaches on the coasts of India.)

๐Ÿ›๏ธ Shopping

Top 5 shopping malls in
Shyam Nagar

1. Z Square Shopping Mall, Mall Road, 7.5 km from center2. Rave Moti Mall, Swaroop Nagar, 5.1 km from center3. South X Mall, Kidwai Nagar, 5.8 km from center4. Rave 3 Mall, Parvati Bagla Road, 6.2 km from center5. MBD Zephyr, Swaroop Nagar, 4.9 km from center

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Top 5 clothing stores in
Shyam Nagar

1. Max Fashion, Rave Moti Mall, 5.1 km from center2. Pantaloons, Z Square Mall, 7.5 km from center3. Westside, Mall Road, 7 km from center4. Reliance Trends, Govind Nagar, 4.3 km from center5. FabIndia, Swaroop Nagar, 5.2 km from center

Top 5 furniture stores in
Shyam Nagar

1. Kapoor Furniture Mart, Kakadeo, 2.2 km from center2. Gupta Furniture, Kidwai Nagar, 3.4 km from center3. Yash Furnitures, Lal Bangla, 3.7 km from center4. Khandelwal Furniture, Panki, 6.1 km from center5. National Furniture, Rawatpur, 4.5 km from center

Top 5 jewellers in
Shyam Nagar

1. Tanishq Jewellery, Mall Road, 6.8 km from center2. PC Jeweller, Swaroop Nagar, 5.2 km from center3. Kalyan Jewellers, Z Square Mall, 7.5 km from center4. Maliram Jewellers, Civil Lines, 6.9 km from center5. Senco Gold & Diamonds, Govind Nagar, 4.3 km from center

Top 5 Electronics stores in
Shyam Nagar

1. Sony Center, Mall Road, 7 km from center2. Samsung Smart Plaza, Govind Nagar, 4.1 km from center3. Croma, Rave 3 Mall, 6.2 km from center4. Reliance Digital, Z Square Mall, 7.5 km from center5. Vijay Sales, Kidwai Nagar, 5.8 km from center

๐Ÿง  Body & Mind

Top 5 gyms in
Shyam Nagar

1. Gold's Gym, Shyam Nagar2. Anytime Fitness, Govind Nagar3. Fitness World, Kaka Deo4. Body Zone Gym, Ratan Lal Nagar5. Power House Gym, Swaroop Nagar

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Top 5 beauty salons in
Shyam Nagar

1. Lakme Salon, Govind Nagar2. Jawed Habib Hair & Beauty Salon, Kaka Deo3. Looks Salon, Civil Lines4. Naturals Unisex Salon, Swaroop Nagar5. VLCC Wellness Center, Mall Road

Top 5 Cinemas in
Shyam Nagar

1. Cinepolis, Rave Moti Mall, 5.1 km from center2. Inox, Z Square Mall, 7.5 km from center3. Miraj Cinemas, South X Mall, 5.8 km from center4. Heer Palace Cinema, Govind Nagar, 4.3 km from center5. Regent Cinema, Civil Lines, 6.9 km from center

Top 5 Libraries & Bookshops in
Shyam Nagar

1. National Book Depot, Kakadeo2. Universal Book Store, Swaroop Nagar3. Kitab Ghar, Arya Nagar4. Vivekanand Library, Shyam Nagar5. Crossword Bookstore, Z Square Mall

๐Ÿ†˜ Emergency

Emergency Contacts in
Shyam Nagar

1. Police: 1002. Fire: 1013. Ambulance: 1024. Women's Helpline: 10915. Child Helpline: 1098

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5 Pharmacies in
Shyam Nagar

1. Apollo Pharmacy, Kaka Deo, 24 Hours2. Medplus, Barra, 8 AM - 10 PM3. Guardian Pharmacy, Swaroop Nagar, 9 AM - 9 PM4. Wellness Forever, Govind Nagar, 24 Hours5. 1MG Pharmacy, Lal Bangla, 8 AM - 10 PM

5 Hospitals in
Shyam Nagar

1. Regency Hospital, Sarvodaya Nagar, 3.2 km from center2. Lala Amba Prasad Smarak Chikitsalaya, Shastri Nagar, 2.8 km from center3. Rainbow Hospitals, Govind Nagar, 4.5 km from center4. Apollo Spectra Hospitals, Swaroop Nagar, 5.3 km from center5. Rama Super Speciality Hospital, Mandhana, 8.7 km from center

5 Police stations near
Shyam Nagar

1. Shyam Nagar Police Station, Shyam Nagar2. Kalyanpur Police Station, Kalyanpur3. Barra Police Station, Barra4. Kakadeo Police Station, Kakadeo5. Naubasta Police Station, Naubasta

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