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Arambol is renowned for its pristine and unexploited beach, a sweet water lake, and the Banyan Tree in the jungle valley. It has a distinct Bohemian feel that attracts many international tourists looking for yoga, meditation, and live music.

๐Ÿ› Food

Top 10 Local Delicacies in

1. Goan Prawn Curry: PrawnBalchao at Cafรฉ Del Mar, Girkar Waddo2. Chicken Xacuti: Cozy Nook, Khalcha Waddo3. Fish Thali: Shimon, Girkar Waddo4. Pork Vindaloo: Eve's Beach Shack, Arambol Beach5. Bebinca: Shailendra Restaurant, Madhlo Waddo6. Poi bread with Goan sausage: Twenty Three Restaurant, Arambol Beach7. Crab Xacuti: Double Dutch, Madhlo Waddo8. Goan Fish Curry Rice: Laughing Buddha, Arambol Beach9. Sanna: Harmony Cafรฉ, Khalcha Waddo10. Rava Fried Fish: Rice Bowl, Girkar Waddo

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Top 5 Veg Restaurants in

1. Artjuna Garden Cafรฉ, Khalcha Waddo2. German Bakery, Madhlo Waddo3. Prana Cafรฉ, Girkar Waddo4. Organic Vibes, Arambol Beach Road5. The Garden Bliss, Khalcha Waddo

Top 5 Nonveg Restaurants in

1. PrawnBalchao, Girkar Waddo2. Cozy Nook, Khalcha Waddo3. Double Dutch, Madhlo Waddo4. Shimon, Girkar Waddo5. Twenty Three Restaurant, Arambol Beach

Top 5 Street foods to try in

1. Samosa at Arambol Main Market2. Goan Sausage Pav at Arambol Beach Road3. Grilled Corn on the Cob at Arambol Drum Circle Beach4. Grilled Fish at Arambol Fish Market5. Pani Puri at Madhlo Waddo Street

Top 5 local sweets in

1. Bebinca at Shailendra Restaurant, Madhlo Waddo2. Dodol at Arambol Beach Market3. Serradura at Double Dutch, Madhlo Waddo4. Bibinka at Garden Bliss, Khalcha Waddo5. Goan Jaggery Pancakes at Prana Cafรฉ, Girkar Waddo

๐Ÿงญ Travel

Top 10 Tourist Spots near

1. Arambol Beach, 0 km (city center)2. Arambol Drum Circle, 1 km3. Kalacha Beach, 1.5 km4. Arambol Mountain, 2 km5. Paliem Lake, 3 km6. Sweet Water Lake, 1.5 km7. Shri Rudreshwar Temple, 5 km8. Querim Beach, 9 km9. Tiracol Fort, 14 km (by ferry)10. Mandrem Beach, 4 km

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Top 5 Budget hotels in

1. Lotus Sutra, Khalcha Waddo, Arambol2. Happy Panda Hostel, Arambol Beach Road3. Chillout Arambol, Girkar Waddo, Arambol4. God's Gift Guesthouse, Madhlo Waddo, Arambol5. Om Ganesh Guest House, Khalcha Waddo, Arambol

Top 5 Parks in

1. Dr. Francisco Luis Gomes Garden, Campal, Panjim - Approximately 30 km away.2. Garcia De Orta Garden, Church Square, Panjim - Approximately 30 km away.3. Campal Gardens, DB Marg, Panjim - Approximately 30 km away.4. Children's Park, Altinho, Mapusa - Approximately 20 km away.5. Municipal Garden, Mapusa - Approximately 20 km away.(NOTE: Arambol is primarily known for its natural beauty and beach surroundings, hence traditional parks are not the norm. There are open spaces and beaches that essentially serve as public spaces. However, there are a few nearby parks and gardens in the broader region of North Goa)

Top 5 Trekking trails near

1. Arambol Mountain Trek, 2 km2. Trek to Paliem Lake, 3 km3. Querim - Tiracol Fort Trek, 14 km (by ferry)4. Mandrem to Ashwem Beach Trek, 5 km5. Sinquerim to Fort Aguada Trek, 30 km(NOTE: Arambol itself is not known for traditional trekking locations. The following are some of the treks within a reasonable distance from Arambol)

Top 3 beaches near

1. Arambol Beach, 0 km (city center)2. Kalacha Beach, 1.5 km3. Mandrem Beach, 4 km4. Ashwem Beach, 7 km5. Querim Beach, 9 km

๐Ÿ›๏ธ Shopping

Top 5 shopping malls in

1. Mall de Goa, Porvorim - NH 17, Highway, Porvorim, Goa 403521 (~23 km away)2. Caculo Mall, St Inez, Panjim (~30 km away)3. Inox Courtyard, CBD, Panjim (~30 km away)4. Gera Imperium Star, Patto Centre, Panjim (~31 km away)5. Osia Commercial Arcade, SGPDA Market Complex, Margao (~63 km away)(NOTE: There are no shopping malls within Arambol itself. The following are the nearest ones in North Goa)

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Top 5 clothing stores in

1. Star Boutique, Arambol Beach Road2. La Arcan, Girkar Waddo3. Secret Garden Boutique, Madhlo Waddo4. Sunrise Clothes, Khalcha Waddo5. Om Shree Boutique, Arambol Market

Top 5 furniture stores in

1. Solid Wood Furniture, Bardez (~28 km away)2. Meuble India, Guirim, Mapusa (~26 km away)3. Casa Moderna, St Inez, Panjim (~30 km away)4. Furniture Park, Porvorim (~23 km away)5. Homesukh, Panjim (~31 km away)(NOTE: These are in other areas of North Goa)

Top 5 jewellers in

1. Shringar Jewellers, Arambol Beach Road2. Diva Handicrafts & Jewelry, Girkar Waddo3. Om Jewellers, Madhlo Waddo4. Sona Jewellers, Khalcha Waddo5. Arambol Silver Star, Arambol Market

Top 5 Electronics stores in

1. Pai International Electronics, Mapusa (~20 km away)2. Croma, Porvorim (~23 km away)3. Lotus Electronics, Panjim (~30 km away)4. Vijay Sales, Panjim (~31 km away)5. Reliance Digital, Mall De Goa, Porvorim (~23 km away)

๐Ÿง  Body & Mind

Top 5 gyms in

1. Flex Gym & Fitness Center, Madhlo Waddo2. Arambol Health Club, Girkar Waddo3. Alive Gym, Arambol Beach Road4. Airborne Gym, Khalcha Waddo5. Pritam's Fitness Centre, Arambol Market

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Top 5 beauty salons in

1. Venus Hair and Beauty Salon, Girkar Waddo2. Shanti Salon & Spa, Madhlo Waddo3. Nisha's Beauty Parlour, Khalcha Waddo4. Divine Touch Unisex Salon, Arambol Beach Road5. Lakshmi Beauty Salon, Arambol Market

Top 5 Cinemas in

1. Inox, Mall De Goa, Porvorim, NH 17, Highway, Porvorim, Goa 403521 (~23 km away)2. PVR Cinemas, Panjim (~30 km away)3. Cine Ashok, Mapusa (~20 km away)4. Inox, Old GMC Heritage Precinct, ESG Campus, Panjim (~31 km away)5. Mukta A2 Cinemas, Osia Commercial Arcade, Margao (~63 km away)(NOTE: There are no cinemas in Arambol itself. The following are the nearest ones in North Goa)

Top 5 Libraries & Bookshops in

1. Pustak Bhandar, Girkar Waddo2. Book Hub, Arambol Beach Road3. Rainbow Book Shop, Khalcha Waddo4. Travelers Bookstore, Madhlo Waddo5. The Secret Bookstore, Arambol Market(NOTE: Libraries are not common in Arambol, but you can find bookstores)

๐Ÿ†˜ Emergency

Emergency Contacts in

1. Police: 1002. Fire and Rescue: 1013. Ambulance: 108 or 1024. Tourist Police: +91-832-24240015. Women's Helpline: 10916. Coastal Security Police (Toll-Free): 1056

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5 Pharmacies in

1. Aasha Pharmacy, Khalcha Waddo, Arambol - Open 8 AM to 10 PM2. Raj Medical Stores, Madhlo Waddo, Arambol - Open 9 AM to 9 PM3. Life Care Pharmacy, Girkar Waddo, Arambol - Open 24 hours4. Sri Sai Pharmacy, Arambol Beach Road - Open 9 AM to 10 PM5. Noble Medicals, Arambol Market - Open 9 AM to 9 PM

5 Hospitals in

1. Primary Health Centre, Tuem, Pernem - Approximately 10 km away2. Vision Multispecialty Hospital, Mapusa - Approximately 20 km away3. Asilo Hospital, Mapusa - Approximately 20 km away4. District Hospital, Mapusa - Approximately 20 km away5. Goa Medical College & Hospital, Bambolim - Approximately 35 km away(NOTE: These are in other areas of North Goa)

5 Police stations near

1. Pernem Police Station, Pernem, Goa - 4035122. Mandrem Police Station, Mandrem, Goa - 4035273. Morjim Police Station, Morjim, Goa - 4035124. Mapusa Police Station, Mapusa, Goa - 4035075. Calangute Police Station, Calangute, Goa - 403516

Other locations in

No items found.

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