What are Boosters and how can I use them?

December 21, 2022 6:05 PM

Boosters are one-time triggers to fuel your earnings on Hubble through earnings that are rewarded upon completing certain in-app activities or by unlocking milestones. These in-app activities include games, challenges and quizzes.

The Booster section within the app showcases all boosters currently available to you. As and when you complete the activities mentioned in the list of available boosters, you’ll get the earnings associated with the booster rewarded to you. Claim your rewards to add it to your current earnings on Hubble.

To claim your booster rewards, simply go to the Boosts page and click on Claim Rewards, upon successfully completing a booster. Under Lifetime Boosts, tap to claim your rewards for it to be added to your Hubble earnings.

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