How does Hubble compare to bank FDs or savings accounts?

December 22, 2022 4:15 PM

Bank savings account, FDs and liquid mutual funds, give an annualised return of 3-5% p.a., which post deduction of taxes comes out to be 2.5-4% p.a. On Hubble your money grows daily at a steady rate of 0.1% on every deposit i.e. 10% in just 100 days, without any extra fees, charges or taxes. On average, growth of your money is 10x better in Hubble as compared to a savings account.

On a one time deposit of ₹10,000, within 3 months, the earnings at the end of your tenure will amount to:

a. ~₹75 in a Bank Savings Account - @3% p.a. return

b. ~₹111 in a Bank FD - @4.5% p.a. return(1)

c. ~₹137 in a Liquid Mutual Fund - @5.5% p.a. return(2)

d. ₹900 in Hubble - @0.1% daily growth

Essentially, you earn at ~10x more value on your deposits with Hubble for your spends, without compromising on safety & liquidity of your savings.


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