How are my earnings calculated?

December 21, 2022 6:05 PM

On Hubble your money grows daily at a steady rate of 0.1% on every deposit i.e. 10% in just 100 days, without any extra fees, charges or taxes. Your daily earnings on Hubble are associated with your deposits.

Example: For instance, you deposit ₹10,000 today in your Hubble account, which will grow daily by 0.1%. That means you will earn 10% in just 100 days! Now your money grows to ₹11,000 by the 100th day. This ₹11,000 of which ₹10,000 will be your original deposit and a whooping ₹1000 extra in earnings, is fully redeemable against any purchase from Hubble anytime.

The ratio of both your deposits and earnings are always in a fixed proportion.On redemption, the redemption amount will always be a combination of your deposits & earnings distributed in such a manner so as to maximise your earnings while redeeming it. Earnings can only be redeemed along with your deposits for a virtual card and cannot be redeemed separately.

On withdrawal, the withdrawal amount will be deducted from your latest deposits and the earnings associated with that deposit gets lapsed so as to minimise your losses.

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