Can I withdraw my earnings to my bank account?

December 21, 2022 6:05 PM

You can always withdraw your deposits (the money you have put in) back to your bank account without any additional charges or taxes. Your earnings however, cannot be withdrawn as they are associated with your deposits and gets lapsed/expired once you withdraw.

Example: You deposit ₹10,000 today, and in a month it becomes ₹10,300 after 0.1% daily earnings.

Now, you can redeem the ₹10,300 (deposit + earnings) as a virtual card and shop with any top brands on Hubble. However, your earnings of ₹300 cannot be redeemed separately.

If you want to withdraw , you can withdraw only your deposited amount of ₹10,000. Rewards of ₹300 will expire upon withdrawal.

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