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Hubble Saving Plans

Is there a penalty for withdrawing my funds?
Absolutely not. The money you save with Hubble can be withdraw to your connected bank account at any time.
Are there any taxes on earnings made through Hubble?
This is the best part. There are no taxes on the rewards earned with Hubble. Double celebrations 😊.
What is the conversion ratio of the rewards in money terms?
There is no catch here. 10% rewards mean 10% extra money on your savings. E.g., if you have saved Rs.100,000 with Hubble then you will get Rs.110,000 for your purchase.
What does Save with family and friends mean?
We believe that life goals are best celebrated with near and dear ones. You can invite your friends and family to contribute towards your goals or save with you for a joint goal, e.g., invite a friend to save together for a PS5 or invite your family to contribute towards your travel or education goal.
Can I use my savings for any product purchase with the Brand?
Yes, your savings can be used for purchasing any product with our partner Brands.
What happens if I stop my instalment mid-way?
Yes, you can do that but then you will lose out on the future reward that you could have earned. You will continue to have access to the rewards earned on your previous instalments.
Can I change my instalment amount mid-way?
We are working on enabling this feature but for now, the instalment amount can’t be changed mid-way.
Is there a lock-in period?
We do not believe in the concept of lock-ins and have kept Hubble fully flexible. You can enter and exit anytime you want.
Is there a minimum amount for saving or redemption?
There is no minimum amount for saving or redemption. You can start with whatever you like.
What are the fees and charges of the program?
Absolutely nothing. No joining fees, no annual fees, no other fees. We mean it when we say it.

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