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Hubble Rewards Redemption

What happens to my rewards if I withdraw from the plan early?
We will be sad to see you withdraw from the plan but in case you do, you will be fully refunded your saved amount, without any hassle. Sadly, the rewards accrued will be foregone as they are linked to a purchase with our merchant partners.
What happens if the price of the product I want to buy is more than I have saved?
Yes, we have taken care of that as well. In case the product price is higher than the saved amount, you can add more funds to your Hubble account and hit redeem or you can use your Hubble savings for the purchase and pay the remaining amount via other mediums (debit card, Upi etc.) at the merchant outlet or website.
What happens if the price of the product changes?
Your savings & rewards earned with Hubble are real money and you can use them as per the price of the product you are purchasing. In case the price of the product is lower than you saved (and rewards) amount, you use only a portion of your savings and the rest continues to be available in your Hubble account.
What happens in case I want to buy a different product?
You can purchase whatever you want from our partner brands. Your savings are made towards a particular brand and not a product. E.g., you started a goal for an iPhone12 worth 60,000 for 6 months but at the end of 6 months (or even before that), you decide to change your mind and purchase a laptop (or even a smart TV), you can still use your savings & rewards, in full, for your purchase.
What happens if I decide to buy the product before my plan is completed?
We understand the change of plans and we have kept Hubble really flexible for our users. You can use your savings & rewards anytime you want. In case the purchase happens before plan completion, you will still earn your rewards (pro-rated by savings tenure)
Can I still avail existing merchant level discounts available at the time of purchase?
Absolutely, your Hubble rewards are on top of existing merchant level discounts/offers. You get the best of both worlds 😊.
How do I claim my 10% rewards?
You can claim your 10% rewards at the end of each month and use them for a purchase with your favourite brands. You can choose to opt for brand gift vouchers or use scan & pay at merchant stores when you decide to shop.

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