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Raksha Bandhan in History: The Influence of Alexander the Great and King Porus

Last updated :
June 23, 2024

minutes read

Raksha Bandhan, a festival celebrating the bond between brothers and sisters, has deep historical roots that extend beyond familial relationships. One of the most fascinating historical anecdotes associated with this festival involves Alexander the Great and King Porus. This story highlights the cultural and diplomatic significance of Raksha Bandhan, showcasing how the festival transcends personal relationships and influences broader social interactions.

Alexander and King Porus in a battlefield during Raksha Bandhan, with armies in the background
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1. The Historical Context

In 326 BCE, Alexander the Great, the famed Macedonian conqueror, invaded India, aiming to expand his empire. During his campaign, he faced King Porus, the ruler of the Pauravas, in the Battle of the Hydaspes. The encounter between these two powerful leaders is not only a significant historical event but also a pivotal moment in the story of Raksha Bandhan.

2. The Role of Roxana

King Porus receiving a rakhi from Roxana, symbolizing respect during Raksha Bandhan

According to popular legend, Roxana (or Roshanak), Alexander's wife, played a crucial role in this historical anecdote. Concerned for her husband's safety, she sent a rakhi to King Porus, asking him to protect Alexander in the battlefield. Touched by this gesture, Porus accepted the rakhi and vowed not to harm Alexander personally during the battle.

3. The Battle of the Hydaspes

The Battle of the Hydaspes was a fierce confrontation between Alexander's army and the forces of King Porus. Despite the intense fighting, Porus kept his promise to Roxana. When he encountered Alexander in combat, he refrained from delivering a fatal blow, honoring the rakhi he had received. This act of restraint not only demonstrated Porus's adherence to the vow but also highlighted the cultural significance of the rakhi as a symbol of protection and respect.

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4. The Aftermath and Legacy

Alexander and King Porus shaking hands, symbolizing mutual respect and alliance after the battle during Raksha Bandhan

Following the battle, Alexander, impressed by Porus's bravery and chivalry, reinstated him as the ruler of his territory and even granted him additional lands. This mutual respect and understanding laid the foundation for a lasting alliance between the two leaders. The story of Alexander and Porus is often cited as an example of how Raksha Bandhan can foster bonds of friendship and loyalty, transcending cultural and political boundaries.

5. Symbolism in Raksha Bandhan

This historical episode underscores the broader symbolism of Raksha Bandhan. While the festival primarily celebrates the bond between brothers and sisters, it also embodies values of trust, protection, and mutual respect. The story of Roxana and King Porus illustrates how the rakhi can serve as a powerful symbol of these values, extending beyond personal relationships to influence diplomatic and social interactions.


Raksha Bandhan, enriched by historical and cultural narratives, continues to be a festival that celebrates the enduring bonds of love and protection. The tale of Alexander the Great and King Porus adds a unique dimension to the festival, highlighting its significance in fostering unity and respect. As we celebrate Raksha Bandhan, let us remember these historical anecdotes that enrich our understanding of this timeless tradition.


What is the significance of the story of Alexander and Porus in Raksha Bandhan?

The story highlights how the rakhi serves as a symbol of protection and respect, extending beyond familial bonds to influence diplomatic and social interactions.

How did Roxana influence the events between Alexander and Porus?

Roxana sent a rakhi to King Porus, requesting him to protect Alexander. Porus honored this request during the Battle of the Hydaspes, demonstrating the power of the rakhi as a symbol of commitment.

What lessons can be learned from the historical anecdotes of Raksha Bandhan?

These stories teach us about the values of trust, protection, and mutual respect, emphasizing the cultural and historical significance of Raksha Bandhan beyond personal relationships.

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